Welcome to the Shorn Cloaks and Shattered Shields campaign, a Sandbox-style camapaign set in the Mystara Setting’s Grand Duchy of Karameikos; beginning in the year 1000AC.

This is a resource meant mostly for myself and the players, wherein our adventures and travels are chronicled and recorded but please look around and enjoy yourselves.

The players in this campaign are mostly new to Roleplaying, with the exception of one player and myself. The players approached me about a year ago, asking me to run a game and introduce them to the hobby. The first campaign we played in was a very in depth, intrigue ridden game of DragonAge. Given that all my players had enjoyed the computer game, the Pen & Paper version of the game seemed a wise place to start. However, what my players were really after was a “traditional” style game of Dungeons & Dragons. After some humming and hawing with regards to editions, it came down to a choice between the original Red Box edition D&D or OSRIC. Despite deciding to set the game in the original D&D game world, OSRIC won out. Mostly because it’s a free rule-set that any of my players could download and peruse.

So far, we’ve had five sessions in less than a month (helped by the fact the players and DM consist of the members of just two households, both of which live within easy walking distance of the other). The group has no regular play-schedule. We simply play when we’re are available for a get-together.

So please enjoy our game.



Shorn Cloaks and Tattered Shields

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