Logging community of 5,000. Small, decent and not as rustic as many places of similar size (such as Luln). Ruled by Sharlane Halaran. Baron and Patriach of the Church of Karameikos. Has one dwarven family (all locksmiths), several gnome and halfling famalies and a scattering of individual elves, half-elves and the odd half-orc. Most of the City Watch are zero level fighters with the exception of the Commander (a sgt) and his second (a corporal). Unusually for a town this size, it is both cosmopolitan and only tightly packed in one district (Fogot’s Isle). Most of the newer homes have small gardens and livestock pens.


  • No Magic User spells may be cast within town limits.
  • Only daggers, swords and staffs may be carried openly within town limits (does not apply to those who have just entered or are just about to leave within a few hours).
  • The wearing of armour in town is not illegal, but frowned upon by the Guard.
  • No new family dwelling may be built within 50ft of another family dwelling.

Artax the Sage
Apple Merryweather (halfling scribe, his assistant)
Caldwell the Merchant.
Fiddlegulph (gnome Money-Changer)
Sargeant Arthol (HM LN Fighter 3) Watch Commander.
Patriarch Sherlane Halaran (HM LG C14) Patriarch and Baron of Threshold.
Priestess Aleena Halaran (HF LG C12) Has refused all promotion within the church. Acts as Watch Captain and aide to her father, Patriarch Sherlane Halaran.
Corporal Tarthol (HM LN Fighter 1)
Zara (HM Fighter 1) A mercenary who might hire on with the party for a short stint and who will play an important role in Skarda’s Mirror. Studies with Teranon
Teranon the Swordmaster (HM LN F5) retired adventurer, father of Retataron and Threshold’s militia instructor and master of a Fighter school.


  • Fogor’s Isle: Oldest part of town. Crowded and dirty. Close squalid buildings and narrow streets. The Watch do not cross the bridge to the Isle after dark. Home of the poorer citizens.
  • Fisherman’s District: Small fishing village (pop 1000) fronting Lake Windrush.
  • Loggers: About 1000 loggers and their families (not included in the total town pop) operate in the nearby woods, mostly working out of a single large encampment (perhaps as many as two or three hundred will be in camp at one time). The camp has it’s own wood mill.
  • New Town newest part of town, built since the “fifty feet” decree. Most homes have a front and back garden and possibly even a stable.


  • The Grey Minstrel Inn: Haunted by the Poltergeist of a dead minstril, which reacts badly to poor music and bad singing.
  • Fiddlegulph’s Money Exchange
  • Artax’s Townhouse.
  • Old Mill: On Fogor’s Isle. Destroyed by fire fifteen years ago. Frequent hide out of criminals and vermin such as giant rats, ants, bees, spiders, centipedes and even were-beasts.
  • Ruins: North of Threshold, on the West side of the Lake, are the ancient ruins of a town. Some walls still stand in places. Some of the walls and fallen statue’s depict jackal or dog headed men and women going about their work.
  • Tarnskeep: A small, sturdy fortress. The seat of the Baron and his daughter. A single curtain wall and four towers with a large manor house within. Has a jail beneath it. Rumoured to be the location of the Duchy’s secret coin mint.
  • Town Hall: A very large building in the town square, where all town meetings and trials are heard. Public delcaerations and made here and all “illegal weapons” possessed by travellers (as opposed to recognised residents of the town) are stored in the armoury here.
  • Weir and Dam: Built to keep boats from travelling upriver from Threshold. The Baron wishes to ensure only Thresholds resident fishermen and Boatsman can take advantage of the rich fisheries and River Trade from this point north. It is dragged aside to allow logs floating downriver from the logging camp to pass.


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