The City for which the Barony of Kelvin takes it’s name is situated at the fork of two rivers. It is also here that the Duke’s road forks, continuing along the Windrush and Hillfollow rivers. This position makes the city a major trade hub linking all parts of the Grand Duchy with neighbouring nations such as Five Shires to the west,Ylaraum and Darokin to the North and Thyatia to the east.

Ruled by Baron Desmond Kelvin, the city is surrounded by a high stone wall but features a smaller area protected by a wooden palisade outside the main walls known variously as the “Camping Grounds” and the “Caravan Grounds”.

People of Note:

Places of Note:

  • The Diamond Spider: An dingy dock-side tavern featuring a diamond statuette of a demonic spider as it’s centrepiece. The not-so-secret centre of criminal activity in Kelvin. Considered neutral territory by the major criminal guilds of Karameikos.
  • The Merchants Weigh Inn: A mid-market hostellry catering to members of the Merchants guild (at a reduced rate) as well as common travellers and local tradesmen.
  • The Duke’s Arms: Common tavern with a pair of cheap rooms for hire above the taproom.


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