Neutral Good Human Male Cleric of Traladastra 1 (Former PC. Died 22nd Thaumont 1000AC)



Str 13 Dex 11 Con 9 Int 14 Wis 16 Cha 13
AC: 4 (Chainmail and Medium Shield)
Weapon Profs: Mace (light), Flaming Oil.
Spells/Day: 3 1st (typically Cure Light Wounds X2 and Bless)
Gear: Chainmail, Medium Shield, Holy Symbol (silver), Bedroll, Backpack, Lantern, Flint & Steel, Oil Flasks x3, Candles x5, Quill, Ink, Parchment, Small Box, Waterskin, Hammer, 10 Iron Spikes, Chalk, String, 5 days rations, 2 Large Sacks, Scrollcase.


A wealthy cobblers son, Threshold born and raised, Vaslav followed his fathers wishes by entering the Church of Traladasta. Alone amoung the [original] six members of The Shorn, Vaslav had travelled beyond Threshold to study at the Cathedral in Specularum. His quick wit and well-grounded common sense stood him in good stead, bringing him to attention of senior church officials as a lad with some considerable potential.

Bookish and never particularly active as a child, the life of a contemplative would have suited him well. Yet Vaslav had himself marked for better things. Ever since playing at soldiers with his simple-minded twin, Uric, as a child he had dreamed of foudning his only knightly order. A Traladaran order to match the Karameikan Church’s Order of the Griffon. He knew such a future would be unlikey were he to serve his faith at the Cathedral.

On the completion of his studies, Vaslav returned home just in time to take part in the Shearing of his brother, and to become Shorn himself just a few days later. When approached by Klara, a fellow youth from the town, he readily agreed to accompany her on her life of adventure, helped, in no small part, by her great beauty.

Addendum: Just as Vaslav and Uric entered the world together in the same day, so too, would they leave it. Fighting side by side during an ambush in the Altan Teppes mountain range. Vaslav’s last living act, saving the life of his dwarf colleague, Tungdil, with a spell of healing with no thought to his own defence, was typical of the man. Alas, his companions were routed and forced to flee the battlefield. The location of his grave if any is unknown.


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