True Neutral Human Male Fighter 1 (Former PC. Died 22nd Thaumont 1000AC)


Str 16 Dex 16 Con 15 Int 5 Wis 10 Cha 12
AC:3 (Scalemail and Medium Shield)
Weapon Profs: Longsword (Double Specialisation), Dagger
Gear: 50’ Rope, Waterskin, Bedroll, Backpack, Longsword, Dagger, Scalemail, Medium Shield, Light Crossbow, Quiver, 9 Bolts, Additional Quiver of 24 arrows (carried on behalf of Klara)


Simple-minded and over-protective, the one thing Uric excels at is hitting things. Hitting things well and making sure they stay hit. His father, a wealthy cobbler, despaired of ever finding his son (“as big as an Ox and with brains not much better”) a worthwhile trade. But he needn’t have bothered. It was as clear as the grin on his son’s cheery face that Uric was born to be a warrior. The lad trained with the Baron’s militia and guards three days a week so it was no surprise that, when it came time for him to be Shorn he received gifts of sword, mail and shield from his family.

The day he left home, his twin brother and their companions by his side, was the happiest of his life.

Addendum: Uric died, with his brother, Vaslav, in an ambush in the mountains North of Castellan Keep on the 22nd of Thaumont. Ever the warrior, he downed two foes himself before he fell, mortally wounded, to bleed out in the snow. Appropriately, he died within moments of his twin, mere feet apart, surrounded by the friends they knew best.

He never did get his puppy.


Shorn Cloaks and Tattered Shields DangerousBrian