Lawful Evil Human Female Assassin 1



Str 12 Dex 12 Con 7 Int 17 Wis 11 Cha 11
Ac: 6 (Studded Leather)
HP: 6
Weapon Profs: Dagger, Longbow
Gear: Leather Armour, Daggers x3, Backpack, Large Belt Pouch, Scrollcase, Ink, Quill, Parchment, Soap, Torches x5, 24 Arrows (Quiver), Large Sack, Flint and Steel, 5 Days Rations, Flint & Steel, Lockpicks, 3X Bow Strings,


Klara’s story is not a happy one. Her mother died giving birth to her and her father was wealthy merchant. She was schooled by the merchant’s butler early in her childhood. Structure and discipline were her only friends and her father’s criticisms were the only display of love between them. The butler, Angron, shared the same cold views as her father, so it was only a matter of time that Clara would become as cold. Klara’s father died when she was eight while away on business. His carriage had been attacked by bandits.

The Butler became the girl’s guardian and continued to school her. However, what nobody knew was that Angron was in fact a retired assassin. Though very successful in his younger days, he had retired to start a new life after the fall of his guild. He saw potential in Klara at a young age. It was Angron that he caught her taking part in her first act of larceny. She had managed to sneak up behind her father while he was in his study. She picked up his purse and made off with it without making a sound. The Butler was surprised when she didn’t see him standing there and bumped right into him. He sighed and immediately held out his hand. Her blue eyes grew wide and placed the purse in his hand. He tsked at her and said:

“You have been caught because you didn’t check all your surroundings. As punishment, I am telling your father.”

With that, the Butler took her by the hand and led her back to her father’s study. Klara received quite a lashing that day.

Now that Klara is older she is more knowledgeable. Angron taught her everything he knew and noted some key facts about her appearance.
1.) She is very beautiful with golden hair and big blue eyes. Useful assets for gaining information and access to her target.
2.) She is only 5f 4 in and only weighs 153 pounds. She is very light on her feet and can hide in areas that most men would find difficult.
3.) She is so cold by her very nature that she cannot trust anyone.

When it was time for her to be undergo the shearing, Klara set about gathering a like-minded band of adventurous youths to accompany her on her journey. Elra was her first recruit, followed swiftly by the twins Vaslav and Uric, children of an old family friend, and finally the dwarven outcasts Bogdiin and Tungdil. Some required more persuasion than others, but eventually she convinced all five to accompany her on a life of adventure.


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