Merchant of Threshold. Owner of Caldwell's Manor.


Human Male Neutral 0 level character.


A richly dressed, bearded merchant in his early-forties. Caldwell is highly strung and usually clutches an expensive sliken hankerchief in one flabby hand. He fidgets constantly when nervous (which is often) and is unreasonably demanding of his employees.

Caldwell came to Karameikos at it’s founding some thirty years ago. Having made his fortune in logging and river trade, Caldwell recently purchased a run-down manor outside the town of Threshold. Having been refused entry by it’s occupants, he hired The Shorn to evict them and return the property to his control.

Though the party managed to clean out the surface level of the Manor, they left Threshold for Castellan Keep prior to exploring the cellar’s beyond a wizard-locked door. The prickly, demanding Caldwell is unlikely to be pleased.


Shorn Cloaks and Tattered Shields DangerousBrian