Lawful Neutral Dwarf Male Cleric of Karameikos 1/Fighter1


Str 11 Dex 10 Con 15 Int 5 Wis 15 Cha 6
AC: 3 (Banded Mail and Medium Shield)
HP: 10
Weapon Profs: Heavy Mace, Light Flail.
Gear: Holy Symbol (silver), Backpack, Bedroll, Flint & Steel, Torches x 9, Waterskin, 50’ Rope, Pot (Iron), Rations (8 days), Thick Gloves, Hand Axe, 2 Large Sacks, Waterskin full of ale.


My name is Boindil. I have seen 60 years on this world. I have just become a full cleric of the human church of Karameikos. Having been abandoned by our own kith and kin in light of my brother, Tungdil’s transgressionsions, I see no reason to abide by their ways.
I have lived with my family inThreshhold since the day of our exile forty years ago. When I came of age, my family thought would be wise and proper to show respect for the human traditions of this land and so I, and my brother with me, underwent the ritual of the Shearing.
I have enjoyed a great more freedom in exile than I ever did in our huge fortress-city of Rockholme. Humans books are so much more interesting and easier to handle than our our mighty dwarven slabs of carved granite.
My only fear is for the future and what will it bring. Are we ready to face this world all on our own with just these scant few young humans to travel with?
Whatever will come our way my brother and I will make our fore-fathers proud. We shall fight our way through any enemies that stand in our way and win back the glory and honour of our family name.


Shorn Cloaks and Tattered Shields DangerousBrian